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  Demystifying Research
  Anatomy of a research paper
A Guide to Evidence Based Practice in EMS
Not All Evidence is Created Equal - Sandy Hunter, Ph.D
How to Search the Scientific Literature - Louise Reynolds, Ph.D. & Enrico Dippenaar, Ph.D.
About PCRF, NAEMT News Spring 2018
PCRF News - August 2016
PCRF News - March 2016
EMS RESEARCH: Obstacles of the Past, Opportunities in the Present, Models for the Future
A Guide to the Research Process
Introductory Research Module for Use with ALS Training Curricula (PowerPoint - .ppt - with teaching notes)
Demystifying Research - Aug. 2011 (PowerPoint PDF)
Anatomy of a Research Paper - Aug. 2011 (PowerPoint PDF)
Lawrence's Stats Talk - Aug. 2011 (PowerPoint PDF)
Twelve Step Approach to EMS Research - Aug. 2011
Research Resources - Aug. 2011 (MS Word .doc)