Online Education

PCRF education projects are intended to educate, empower and inspire EMS providers to practice evidence-based medicine and perform research. As well as our workshops, the Prehospital Care Research Forum creates online EMS research resources. Check out our podcasts, journal club, and online Research 101 course, presented in partnership with FISDAP.

PCRF Podcasts & Monthly Journal Club

The PCRF journal club is a monthly online meeting that critically evaluates published research and its relevance to prehospital care. Our goal is to promote healthy and respectful discussions that challenge present and future prehospital care practices.  We use a webinar format to provide easy access for EMS providers, students, and instructors.  Participants can dial in with a telephone or login via computer.  A panel of experts prepares comments, but everyone is encouraged to participate verbally or in the chat window.  The session is facilitated by PCRF board members and associates. 

Audience: Prehospital care providers, students, and instructors
Meeting time: Second Monday of each month; 1200hrs (noon) Central Standard Time (US).  (e.g.: 1300hrs EST; 1000hrs PST)
Cost: Free
Please see the current registration link on our home page.

Past Podcasts

(Podcasts before 2020 are archived here.)

Educational Research Alert Podcast

Hosted by NAEMSE and the Prehospital Care Research Forum (PCRF), and sponsored by Fisdap, the Education Research Podcast is a live webinar series featuring round-table discussions of new EMS research.

Audience: Prehospital care educators and students
Meeting time: Fourth Friday of each month; 1200hrs (noon) Central Standard Time (US).  (e.g.: 1300hrs EST; 1000hrs PST)
Cost: Free
Please see the current registration link on our home page.

Research 101
Research isn't just for academics and bookworms.  As evidence-based practice becomes a standard in medicine, all EMS providers and students need to be introduced to the scientific processes that shape prehospital care.  The PCRF is proud to offer “Research 101” is a 4-hour introductory online course.  Dr. Baxter Larmon and David Page use a simple “12 steps to get started doing research” approach that is easy for everyone to understand. The course is free of charge thanks to our generous corporate partner and “Research 101” host: FISDAP.  Click here to register and get started.