Host a Workshop

Host a Workshop - We'll Come to You!

PCRF offers three options for research workshops tailored specifically for your conference or workplace. Our mission with this program is to give an introduction to the best practices of quality research so that students know how to think like a researcher and leave with the tools to publish like a professional.  If you are interested in enrolling in or scheduling a workshop, please contact our office at (310) 312-9314 or feel free to email us at  

Research Summit: Arrive curious. Leave with an abstract!

Research can be fun and even fast if the right resources are in place.  This workshop promotes a hands-on approach to learning about research.  In partnership with an institution or vendor that has access to a database, PCRF faculty assist the workshop hosts in obtaining institutional review board (IRB) approval for de-identified retrospective database review projects.  Participants work in small groups to identify a research question, decide on methods, and craft their abstracts.  Statisticians, programmers, and editors are on-site to immediately provide step-by-step support, assisting participants in obtaining data, performing statistical analysis, and constructing an abstract ready for submission or presentation.   

  • Teaching students the process of answering research questions, interpreting the proper response, and applying the information to their practice.
  • Introduction to Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Small Group Project and Literature Review
  • Creation and Mock Presentation of an Abstract

Getting Your Classroom into Research: How to Do It!

It's our responsibility as educators to teach our students how to answer the questions they encounter in their practice once they graduate from our programs.  Participants in this workshop learn how to incorporate research into all facets of the classroom and to create a lifetime foundation of acquiring knowledge for critical thinking.  Topics include:

  • Asking the right questions and interpreting answers.
  • Conducting MEDLINE searches and using other resources.
  • Interpreting data and its application
  • The pitfalls of applying research into your practice
  • Educational hands-on tricks and tools to demonstrate research and its impact in the classroom.

Demystifying Prehospital Research: Managing Data to Improve Everything You Do

Learn the essential components of research and experience the initial steps of designing and implementing a project, including hypothesis formation, methodology selection and an introduction to data analysis. This two-day workshop contains five core lectures, followed by small group instruction in methodology, statistics and project implementation. After the core lectures, participants choose a research subject area and develop a project from conception to completion. Subject areas include clinical, systems, administration and educational research. Topics include:

  • Introduction to Research
  • Basic Research Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Small Group Project/Literature Review
  • The Perfect Research Project