Paramedic Preparation

Available course dates

Course fee: $895 • Nonrefundable: $100


Note: The June 3-19 Paramedic Preparation course will be delivered online via Zoom.

A paramedic education course covers an extensive amount of material and can be very challenging if you have been out of school for a while or if you struggled with science courses in school. We developed this intensive 64-hour course to help prepare you for your paramedic education!

Our course simulates the pace, method of instruction, and testing found in paramedic programs. We utilize lecture presentations, case studies, and examinations to help you gain a sound understanding of patient assessment, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, electrocardiography, and prehospital pharmacology.

This brief course will better prepare you for when you encounter these topics in the fast-paced paramedic education course. You will also learn about good study habits, be able to identify the subject areas that you need to focus on in the paramedic course, and have an opportunity to learn from the staff and faculty that also work with the UCLA Paramedic Education program.

If you successfully complete the course you can earn 54 hours of instructor-led CEU credit if you are a current EMT or paramedic.


To take the Paramedic Prep course, you must have completed EMT training or be currently certified at or above the EMT level. The Paramedic Prep course builds on and does not review EMT materials. Students should have a firm grasp of EMT content to succeed in the course.

Required Materials

The required textbook for the course is Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets (Vol. 1 and 2), 8th edition. Please purchase the book before your class begins. The book is available for purchase online from the Public Safety Group (Jones & Bartlett). We do not have books for sale at the course location.

Other requirements

You must have a notebook for keeping notes and always bring a pen or pencil to class.

Please wear clean, well-fitting, conservative clothing that includes a collared shirt and slacks/skirt. Sponsored personnel may wear their department uniform, which must include a collared shirt.

College Credit

Through our relationship with West L.A. College, Paramedic Preparation students may also sign up to receive 3.5 units of Allied Health credit at West L.A. College, at a cost of $45. Details and forms will be provided on the first day of your course.