Entrance Exam

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Entrance Exam Registration

Course fee: $75 • Nonrefundable: $15
Required item: ProctorU attempt, $19.75 per test



The Paramedic Entrance Exam is a requirement for applicants to the UCLA Paramedic Education Program. The exam includes four sections: Anatomy & Physiology, Math, EMT, and Reading Comprehension. Scores of 70% or higher in all four sections are required to pass the exam. UCLA utilizes two vendors for the Entrance Exam.  FISDAP provides the exam. ProctorU provides the proctoring supervision required during the test.

The Paramedic Entrance Exam is currently administered remotely utilizing ProctorU which allows you to take the test from home. Within a week after you purchase the exam, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register with FISDAP and ProctorU. Once you register for both FISDAP and ProctorU, you will be able to schedule a date and time of your choice to take the exam through ProctorU. If you need to schedule your exam sooner than 72 hours’ notice, there will be a non-refundable rush charge from ProctorU.

The exam fee of $75 is valid for two exams and you may only take the exam twice per paramedic program application cycle.  Exam scores are sent via email within 48 business hours after you complete the exam. Exam scores are valid for one year.

In addition to the $75 exam fee, each ProctorU session costs $19.75. The ProctorU fee for your first exam is charged at the time you enroll. If you choose to re-test, you will need to purchase an additional ProctorU attempt for $19.75. To purchase another ProctorU attempt, please call the paramedic office at 310-680-1100. After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your second exam.

Test Requirements

To facilitate the online testing process through ProctorU, you must use a Windows or Mac-based computer/laptop. Tablets, phones, or other devices such as Androids, Chromebooks, iPads, or iPhones cannot be used. The proctor will review your room environment and monitor your screen while you take the exam. You must show a valid photo ID to begin the exam. You are not permitted to use online, printed, or any other materials during the exam. Only current EMTs are permitted to take the exam. Prior to the exam, please review the FISDAP Study Guide you will receive in your confirmation email.