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Program Start Date End Date* Regular
Applications due

There is no cost to begin an application. Once you start, you may log out and return at any time to continue working on it.
January 2023 January 2023 September 2023 September 1, 2022
May 2023 May 2023 December 2023 December 1, 2022
September 2023 September 2023 April 2024 April 3, 2023

* Variations in clinical/field shift scheduling and individual student progress may extend program completion beyond these dates for some students.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement: The University of California requires all students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including a booster dose, to access University facilities and programs. Students who cannot provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination may experience delays in clinical or field placement, extended completion times and the inability to meet course requirements for certification.  Limited allowance for medical and religious exemption is reviewed with supporting documentation.  Regardless of vaccination status, students may also be required to participate in periodic COVID-19 surveillance testing in accordance with UCLA and local public health guidance.

From 9/1 to 3/31, UCLA Center for Prehospital Care students must be in compliance with the LA County Public Health order for all persons in patient care settings to have the flu vaccine. Students who cannot provide proof of flu vaccination may experience delays in clinical or field placement, extended completion times or the inability to meet all course requirements for certification.

Application Process: The application process for a course typically begins 5 to 6 months prior to the course start date. Below is a guide on how to go through the application process.

Step 1: Start an application 

There is no cost to begin your application, but the $50 application fee will be required when you submit the application. Documents you'll need to submit along with the application are listed below:

Application Materials: You will need to upload the following documents with your online application. These must be received by the application due date.  Specific instructions are given in the online application.

  • Copy of high school diploma or transcripts (even if you have a degree)
  • Official college transcripts
  • Copy of your valid state driver’s license or state ID card
  • Copy of your current CPR card
  • Copy of your California EMT certification
  • Copies of all prehospital and/or EMS education certifications that you have (e.g., Paramedic Prep, PHTLS, ACLS Prep, ACLS, PALS, STEMI/12-Lead EKG,  Fire Academy, etc.)
  • A letter of verification from every EMS employer listed in your application. (sample letter)
  • Any documents/letters verifying your teaching, leadership, or volunteer experiences (i.e. Eagle Scout, BLS Instructor, Volunteer Firefighter, etc)

Be sure to talk to your 3 references before submitting their names so you are sure that they will be able and willing to provide a reference for you. We will reach out to your reference via email, so please make sure you list their valid email address. More details are explained in the online application.

Step 2: Take the Entrance Exam

You must pass the Entrance Exam with at least 70% in each section before you can submit your application. You can find more information  about the Entrance Exam on our Entrance Exam page.

Step 3: Submit your application

When you are ready to submit your application, you will be able to pay the $50 application fee with a credit or debit card.

Within a few weeks after submitting your application, you will be notified by e-mail of one of the following:

  • You have been offered an applicant review and you will be offered dates and times to sign up to discuss your application and qualifications with our faculty.
  • That your application was not selected for a meeting with the faculty for an in-person application review.  You can visit with us to learn more about how to improve your future application and test scores!

If you attend the oral application review, you will typically be notified of your status in the program within 30 to 60 days prior to the start of the program. Possible notifications include:

  • That you are accepted! You will get your precourse packet and tuition payment deadline.
  • That you have not been accepted, but that we would like to place your name on our waitlist of alternate candidates. If you are placed on the waitlist list, we will give you a date by which we will notify you of your final status for the program.
  • That you have not been accepted. Our notification includes specific instructions and deadlines on how to apply to upcoming available programs. Remember that you can visit with us to learn more about how to improve your future application.
  • Attend any of our Free Paramedic Program Student Information Sessions to learn how to be a great applicant, meet the faculty, learn about financing options, and more!

Step 4: Take Paramedic Prep

All UCLA Paramedic students must complete our Paramedic Preparation course before the start date of your paramedic program (and preferably before your oral application review). You may take the Paramedic Prep course at any time during your application process but to be accepted into the program, you need to have taken the course or at least be enrolled in a course before the start date of the program.