Financial Aid


Several generous donors have raised and donated funds to support private (non-fire department sponsored) students attending the UCLA Paramedic Program. For information on applying for these scholarships, please visit the Scholarships section of our Costs & Budgeting page.

Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid for our Paramedic students is administered by the West L.A. College (WLAC) Financial Aid Office. Even if you think you won't be eligible for financial aid, take the time to explore the options available. What you discover may surprise you, and open the way for you to enroll, thrive and graduate from one of the finest paramedic programs in the world. 

Keep in mind, that if you are accepted into the paramedic program you will be expected and required to meet deposit and tuition deadlines without exception. Please note that the tuition deadlines are firm and do not coincide with the distribution of financial aid funds, which are typically disbursed well after your tuition payments are due.  

Federal financial aid application process
Receiving Funds
Financial Aid Office Contacts

Federal Financial Aid Application Process

Important Reminders:

  • You do not have to be enrolled in classes at WLAC or admitted into our Paramedic program at the time you apply for federal financial aid. (You will need to be both enrolled at WLAC and admitted to our program to receive funds.)
  • Apply on or after January 1 of the year you will be attending school.  Don’t wait to apply until you get into the program!
  • Financial aid is usually disbursed in 3-4 payments through your entire course enrollment, not in a lump sum.

Step 1: Apply for financial aid by completing the official financial aid application (FAFSA) available at You must use the WLAC Federal School Code: 008596. Do not use the UCLA federal school code.

Step 2: You will receive an e-mail from FAFSA confirming that your application has been received.

Step 3: Register for a Student ID at WLAC, in the meantime.

If you qualify for federal financial aid, you must be a registered and enrolled student with WLAC to receive the funds. You can register with WLAC on-line (scroll all the way to the bottom of the web page and click the button labeled "Begin Application for West Los Angeles College.").

If you are accepted into the Paramedic course we will provide specific instructions on how to process the required course enrollment at WLAC for financial aid purposes by completing the necessary course "add slips."

Step 4: Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA.  

About three to four days after submitting your FAFSA you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the federal processor (either electronically or by mail). Review your SAR carefully. If all the information is accurate and WLAC is included in the Information Release section, you may keep the SAR for your records. If WLAC is not listed, we will not receive your application information.

Step 5: Within four days of submitting your application, you can visit or call the WLAC financial aid office to determine if any supporting documentation is required. WLAC will also notify you by e-mail and/or US Postal Service of any additional required supporting documentation. You might also receive a rejection notice.

Promptly return any requested documents, as the awarding of your financial aid may be delayed if items are not received in a timely manner.

The Final Steps including completing paramedic class enrollment forms for WLAC, attending the mandatory financial aid workshop, and completing promissory notes and other loan documents. Funds will not be disbursed until you are officially accepted in our paramedic course.

 If you are accepted into our paramedic course, we will send you step by step instructions on completing the financial aid process.

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Receiving Funds

Once you have been informed by WLAC of your pending award, you will need to visit the WLAC Financial Aid Office located on the WLAC campus to sign the appropriate financial aid documents and complete any other requirements. It typically takes a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from the day you sign the final paperwork to the day you receive your first partial payment from financial aid, so please plan ahead.

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Financial Aid Office Contacts

For questions about applying for Federal Financial Aid contact the WLAC Federal Financial Aid Office. Due to the high call volume for the WLAC Financial Aid Office, you are strongly encouraged to visit the WLAC Financial Aid Office in person.  Their office is located at West Los Angeles College, 9000 Overland Avenue, Building A-12, Culver City, CA 90230. Their phone number is 310-287-4532.

When talking to the WLAC Financial Aid Office, remember to tell them that you are (or will be) a UCLA Paramedic Student otherwise you may get the wrong information.

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