PCRF Podcasts

Below are PCRF podcasts through 2019. Newer podcasts are archived at EMS World.

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Podcast title Abstract authors Podcast datesort descending Keywords Link
Education Research: Test-Enhanced Learning Sep 2018 Education, Learning, Examination
Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Advanced Airway Management Oct 2018 Airway management, Cardiac arrest
Education Research: Can Simulation Improve Cultural Competency and Humility Oct 2018 simulation, humility, patient care
Impact on Mortality Due to Prompt Recognition of STEMI Nov 2018 STEMI, Recognition, Mortality
Education Research: Experiential Education and Patient Interactions Nov 2018 Education, Patient Interaction
Is EMS Medical Clearance of Psychiatric Patients Safe Tarak K. Trivedi, MD; Melody Glenn, MD; Gene Hern, MD, MS et al. Dec 2018 Medical Clearance, Psychiatry
Education Research: EMS Providers Do Not Use FOAM For Education Dec 2018 FOAM, Education
The EMS Profession Compared to the General Public Jan 2019 EMS, General Public
Education Research: Peer Teacher Training For Health Students Jan 2019 Health, Peer Education, Teaching
Are Warning Lights and Sirens Associated with Increased Crash Risk Brooke L. Watanabe, MD; Gregory S. Patterson, DO; James M. Kempema, MD et al. Feb 2019 Accident Avoidance, Lights, Sirens
Education Research: Teaching Pharmacology to Nursing Students Feb 2019 Pharmacology, Nursing
Impact of Shift Duration on Alertness among Air Medical Workers Brooke L. Watanabe, MD; Gregory S. Patterson, DO; James M. Kempema, MD et al. Mar 2019 Shift Duration, Alertness, Medical Professionals
Education Research: Retrieval Practice and Bloom's Taxonomy Mar 2019 Bloom's Taxonomy, Retrieval
Performance of the RACE Score for Identification of LVO Stroke Robert L. Dickson, Remle P. Crowe, Casey Patrick, Kevin Crocker, Michael Aiken, et al. Apr 2019 RACE, LVO Stroke, Prevention