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Revisiting the "Golden Hour" Jun 2015 Golden
Is There An Effective Tool to Gauge Carbon Monoxide Blood Saturation in the Pre-hospital Setting? Apr 2013 Carbon Monoxide Blood
How Important Is It To Get Enough Sleep Before Your Next Shift On The Ambulance? Dec 2012 Sleep Fatigue Wellness
Recent Research On Chest Decompression Sep 2010 Chest Decompression
Does Video Laryngoscopy improve ETI success? Feb 2017 Video laryngoscopy, Intubation
Can Microwave technology help EMS diagnose hemorrhagic TBI and stroke? Mar 2017 Hemorrhagic Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Microwave
Does Video Laryngoscopy Improve ETI Success? Feb 2017
Paramedic Judgement or Trauma Triage Criteria: Which is Better? Apr 2018 Triage, Judgement, Fast Decisions
Are EMS Providers Prepared for HID? Jun 2018 HID, Discussion
Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Advanced Airway Management Oct 2018 Airway management, Cardiac arrest
Patient Handoffs: Are We Including Key Information? Apr 2017
The Effect of Ambulance Staffing Models In a Fire-Based EMS System Sep 2017 Staffing Models, Fire Response
Education Research: Test-Enhanced Learning Sep 2018 Education, Learning, Examination
Education Research: Can Simulation Improve Cultural Competency and Humility Oct 2018 simulation, humility, patient care
Impact on Mortality Due to Prompt Recognition of STEMI Nov 2018 STEMI, Recognition, Mortality
Education Research: Experiential Education and Patient Interactions Nov 2018 Education, Patient Interaction
Education Research: EMS Providers Do Not Use FOAM For Education Dec 2018 FOAM, Education
The EMS Profession Compared to the General Public Jan 2019 EMS, General Public
Education Research: Peer Teacher Training For Health Students Jan 2019 Health, Peer Education, Teaching
Education Research: Teaching Pharmacology to Nursing Students Feb 2019 Pharmacology, Nursing
Education Research: Retrieval Practice and Bloom's Taxonomy Mar 2019 Bloom's Taxonomy, Retrieval
Junctional Tourniquets & Tranexamic Acid Evan J. Valle MD, Casey J. Allen MD, Van Harren Dec 2014 Tramexanic Acid Tourniqet Hemmorage
Should EMS Providers Always Transport Alcohol Intoxicated Patients To The Hospital? Alexandra Cornwall, N. Zaller, O. Warren Aug 2013 Intoxication
Crew Resource Management Training Angela O'Dea, Paul O'Connor, Ivan Keogh Mar 2015 CRM Acute Care
Is Working As An Emergency Medical Technician One of The Most Dangerous Jobs? Audrey A. Reichard, SM Marsh Nov 2012 Injury Danger Fatality EMS
Occupational Injuries and Exposures among EMS Workers Audrey A. Reichard, Suzanne M. Marsh, Theresa R. Tonozzi, Srinivas Konda, Mirinda A. Gormley Nov 2017
Police Transport VS. EMS Transport Band, MD Mar 2011 Transport Police
A Research Article About A Specific Sternal IO Device Has Mixed Reviews Beyers MD Apr 2012 Intraosseous
Improving Overtriage of Aeromedical Transport in Trauma Blair A. Wormer, Greg P. Flemming, Ashley B. Christmas Sep 2014 Overtriage Aeromedical Trauma
Preventing EMS Workplace Violence Brian J. Maguire, Barbara J. O'Neill, Peter O'Meara, Matthew Browne, Michael T. Dealy Aug 2018 Workplace Violence
Are Warning Lights and Sirens Associated with Increased Crash Risk Brooke L. Watanabe, MD; Gregory S. Patterson, DO; James M. Kempema, MD et al. Feb 2019 Accident Avoidance, Lights, Sirens
Impact of Shift Duration on Alertness among Air Medical Workers Brooke L. Watanabe, MD; Gregory S. Patterson, DO; James M. Kempema, MD et al. Mar 2019 Shift Duration, Alertness, Medical Professionals
Differences in Long Term Mortality After Acute Poisoning Catherine Lund, Mari A. Bjornaas, Leiv Sandvick Apr 2014 Poisoning Ambulance
Emergency Medical Services and "Psych Calls" Christopher Prener, Alisa K Lincoln Sep 2015 Psych EMS
Missing The Mark: An Assessment of Paramedic's Ability to Correctly Perform Medication Calculations Christopher Shane Henderson Sep 2011 Medication Calculations
Paramedic Perception of Medication Calculation Ability Christopher Shane Henderson Aug 2011 Medication Calculations
After Administering Naloxone For A Heroin Overdose, Can It Be Safe To Let Alert And Oriented Patients Refuse Transportation To The Hospital? DA. Wampler MD, DK. Molina MD, J. McManus MD Dec 2011 Naloxone Heroine Overdose
Electrical Exposure Risk with Hands on Defibrillation Daniel L. Lemkin, Michael D. Witting, Michael G. Allison Oct 2014 Electrical Defibrillation Risk
The Sudden Cardiac Arrest And Death Associated With Application of Shocks From A TASER Electronic Control Device Douglas P. Zipes Feb 2013 Cardiac TASER
PLUMBER Study Dozois A, Hampton L, Kingston C, Lambert G, and Procelli T. Feb 2018 Stroke, Prevention, Study Analysis
Improving Pediatric Education for EMS Dr. Seth A. Brown May 2017 Pediatric Education
Physiologic Criteria of Field Triage Guidelines E. Brooke Learner PhD, Amy L. Drendel MS Nov 2016 Physiologic Criteria Child Trauma
Simulation Use in Paramedic Education Research (SUPER) Elliot Carhart EdD, RRT NRP, Daniel Bercher PhD, Andrew Spain, MA, EMT-P May 2015 Simulation Paramedic Education
Measuring Bystander CPR Quality Fernando SM, Vaillancourt C, Morrow S, and Stiell IG Jul 2018 Lay medical ability, CPR
Paramedic Ability To Recognize STEMI on Prehospital ECGs Francis Mencl MD, MS, Scott Wilber MD, MPH Jennifer Frey PhD Aug 2014 St-segment Myocardial Infarction Electrocardiograms
Should EMS Providers Use An Ultrasound Device to Detect Cardiac Contractions in Profound Hypotension? G. Aichinger, MD Oct 2012 Ultrasound Cardiac Hypotension
The Scoop Stretcher G. Del Rossi, GR. Rechtin, BP. Conrad Jul 2010 Scoop Stretcher Spine
Paramedic Asessment In The Prehospital Setting Leads To Appropriate Home Hospital Service Referral Glenn Arendts, MD Nov 2011 Assesment Paramedic Home
Trial of Continuous or Interrupted Chest Compressions During CPR Graham Nichol, MD, Brian Leroux PhD, Henry Wang, MD Jan 2016
A Research Paper That Might Provoke A Different Approach For Behavioral Emergencies Gregory Larkin, Annette Botreas May 2012 Ketamine Suicide Depression
Pediactric Anaphylaxis Management in the Prehosital Setting Gunjan Kamdar Tiyyagura MD, Linda Arnold MD, David C. Cone MD Jul 2014 Pediactric Anaphylaxis
IMMEDIATE Randomized Controlled Trial Harry P. Selker MD, MSPH, Joni R. Beshansky RN, MPH Jan 2013 Glucose Insulin Potassium Coronary
Recent Research On IV Fluid In Trauma Cases Haut, MD Feb 2011 IV Fluid Trauma
Research on the HOBET Exam Heather Davis Mar 2010 Exams HOBET
Prehospital Pain Management: Disparity by Age and Race Hewes HA, Dai M, Mann NC, Baca T, & Taillac P. Dec 2017 Age, Race, Pain Management
Prehospital Plasma for Shock Hunter B Moore, Ernest E Moore, Michael P Chapman et al. Sep 2018 Shock, Plasma
A Discussion Of The Carbon Footprint Of EMS Ian Blanchard, Lawrence Brown Dec 2010 Carbon Pollution
Does Epinephrine Increase Survivability for Prehospital Cardiac Arrest? Ian G. Jacobs MD, JC. Finn, GA. Jelineck Sep 2012 Adrenaline Epinephrine Placebo
Prehospital Antibiotics for Sepsis Jason G. Walchok, Ronald G. Pirrallo, Douglas Furmanek, Martin Lutz, Colt Shope, Brandi Giles, Greta Gue, and Aaron Dix Aug 2017 Antibiotics and Sepsis
A Discussion About Midazolam and Lorazepam Degredation Jason T. McMullan, Ahsley Pinnawin, Elizabeth Jones Sep 2013 Midazolam Lorazepam
Effect of Body-Worn Cameras on EMS Documentation Accuracy Jeffrey D. Ho, MD, Donald M. Dawes, MD, Evan M. McKay, MD et al. Jun 2017 Body Cameras, Documentation Accuracy
Canadian Research Agenda & Magnesium Sulfate as Neuroprotection Jeffrey L. Saver MD, Sidney Starkman MD, Marc Eckstein MD Oct 2015 Magnesium Sulfate Neuroprotection Stroke
Expecting the Unexpected Jennifer A. Taylor PhD, Brittany Barnes MPH Feb 2016 Violence EMS
Resuscitation Fluids John A. Myburgh MB, BCh, PhD, Michael G. Mythen MD, MB, BS Mar 2014 Resuscitation Fluids
A New Paper On Endotracheal Intubation Johnathan Studnek, MD Oct 2010 Endotrachial Intubation
Prehospital Point-of-Care Testing For Troponin: Are the Results Reliable Joseph M. Venturini BA, Christine E. Stake MA, Mark E. Cichon DO Jun 2014 Troponin
EtCO2 As A Predictive Tool Kartal, MD Apr 2011 ETco2 Metabolic Acidosis
The Effect of Field and Clinical Experience on EMT Students Taking The EMT Readiness Exam Kathi Ricketts Feb 2010 EMT Exams
Cognitive Load Theory for the Design of Medical Simulations Kristin L. Fraser MD, Paul Ayres MD, John Sweller PhD Mar 2016 Cognitive Load Simulations
Which Prehospital Treatment Path Is More Efficacious For Nausea And Vomiting? L. Fullerton MD, SJ. Weiss MD, P. Froman MD May 2013 Ondanstreon Saline Nausea
The Effect of An Ambulance Diversion Ban Laura G. Burke MD, MPH, Nina Joyce MPH, William E. Baker MD Feb 2014 Ambulance Diversion
Can Education Decrease Symptoms Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Leo Wolmer Jul 2011 PTSD Child Pediatric
Do Paramedic Learning Styles Matter? Louis Staple, Alix Carter, Jan L. Jensen, & Mark Walker May 2018 Education, Learning Styles
Impact of High-Fidelity Pediatric Simulation on Paramedic Seizure Management Manish M. Shah MD Mar 2016 Simulation Paramedic Seziure
Does Your Ambulance Service Piggyback Glucose With Thiamine? Mark A. Merlin DO, EMT-P, Alessia Carluccio MD, Neil Raswant BS Dec 2013 Glucose Thiamine
Does Pre-hospital Intubation For Traumatic Brain Injuries Increase Mortality Rate 5 Fold? Marko Bukur MD Mar 2012 Intubation Mortality Brain
Prehospital Airway Management Matthew E. Prekker MD, MPH, Heemun Kwok MD, MS, Jenny Shin MPH Feb 2015 Endotrachial Intubation Airway
Remote Ischaemic Conditioning, Inaccurate PCRs & Transport Rates Matthew L. Sunderman MS, David D. Salcido PhD, Alison C. Koller Nov 2014 Critical Rescuscitation Cardiac
How Well Can A Computer Identify An St-Elevation Myocardial Infarction In The Prehospital Setting? MC. Bhalla, F. Mencl, MA Gist Oct 2013 Electrocardiograph Myocardial Infarction
Using A Regional Dashboard To Manage Resources McLeod, MD Jan 2011 Dashboard Ambulance
Affect of High Flow Oxygen Michael Austin MD Jun 2010 Oxygen Pulmonary
Backbreaking New Research: A Discussion on When to use Long Spine Boards National Association of EMS Physicians Nov 2013 Spinal Backboard
Getting a Patient's Medical Information Ollie Zorab, M. Robinson, R. Endacott Apr 2016 Patient Medical Information
Is the Supine Position Associated with Loss of Airway Patency Per Kristian Hyldmo, Gunn E Vist, Anders Christian Feyling Nov 2015 Supine Airway Unconcious
Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest Treated by BLS vs. ALS Prachi Sanghavi BS, Anupam B. Jena MD, PhD, Joseph P. Newhouse PhD Jan 2015 Cardiac Life Support
Race and Sex Disparities in Prehospital Recognition of Acute Stroke Prasanthi Govindarajan MD, MAS, Benjamin T Friedman NREMT-P Aug 2015 Race Sex Stroke Recongition
Transportation Of A Septic Patient RA. Band, DF. Gaieski, JH. Hylton Jul 2012 Sepsis
Is A Supraglottic Airway Superior To An Endotracheal Tube And Will It Take Less Time For Correct Placement? Ralph J. Frascone MD, Christopher Russi MD, Charles Lick MD Feb 2012 Endotrachial Intubation Supraglottic Airway
Exiting the EMS Profession Rebecca E. Cash, Remle P. Crowe, Riddhima Agarwal, Severo A. Rodriguez & Ashish R. Panchal Mar 2018
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Areus in Ohio EMS Providers Robert C. Orellana MPH, Armando E Hoet DVM PhD, Christopher Bell MPH Dec 2015 Chest Compressions CPR
Performance of the RACE Score for Identification of LVO Stroke Robert L. Dickson, Remle P. Crowe, Casey Patrick, Kevin Crocker, Michael Aiken, et al. Apr 2019 RACE, LVO Stroke, Prevention
Where And When Should You Obtain Intraosseous Access? Rosalyn Reades MD, Johnathan Studneck PhD, Steven Vandeventer Aug 2012 Intraosseous Vascular
Intraosseous Versus Intravenous Vascular Access During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Randomized Controlled Trial Rosalyn Reades, Johnathan R. Studneck, Steven Vandeventer Mar 2013 Intraosseous Intravenous Vascular
Neurologically Favorable Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Spyros D. Mentzelopoulos MD, PhD, Sotirios Malachias MD, Christos Chamos MD. May 2014 Vassopressin Steroids Epinephrine
EMS Professionals' Attitudes about Community Parametic Programs Steeps et al. Oct 2017 Attitudes, Community Programs
Is EMS Medical Clearance of Psychiatric Patients Safe Tarak K. Trivedi, MD; Melody Glenn, MD; Gene Hern, MD, MS et al. Dec 2018 Medical Clearance, Psychiatry
Supraglottic vs. Intubation Taylor J, Black S, Brett SJ Jan 2017 Supraglottic, Intubation, Airway
Design and Implementation of the Airways 2 Trial Taylor J, Black S, Brett SJ, et al. Jan 2018
The Role of Paramedic Schools in Preparing Students for Pre-employment Testing and The Physical Demands of Emergency Medical Services Todd Cage, Chris Russi MD May 2010 Paramedic Education Testing
The Effect of Patient Acuity on Frequency of Paramedic Student Team Leads Todd Cage, John Gosford Apr 2010 Patient Acuity Student