NAEMSE & PCRF Announce Strategic Research Partnership to Enhance EMS Education

Pittsburgh, PA, Wednesday, August 7, 2018

Today, the National Association of EMS Educators and the Prehospital Care Research Forum announced a strategic partnership to make EMS research more accessible and understandable to our community, and to mentor a new generation of research savvy educators who will ensure our future is based on current science to support evidence-based practices in EMS education.

This is a great moment of re-affirmation and renewal of a long-standing positive relationship between PCRF and NAEMSE. Our partnership will enable tangible steps to foster research in EMS education, including original (first) presentation of PCRF’s educational research exclusively at NAEMSE’s annual symposium. NAEMSE will support the winner of the “NAEMSE Best Research” award with a $500 travel stipend and conference registration.

NAEMSE and PCRF will develop a two-day, annual symposium pre-conference workshop, “Getting your Classroom into Research: How to Do It!” to help empower and enable EMS educators to foster research in their own programs. The two organizations will also collaborate on an ambitious EMS Education Research Agenda.

To broadly disseminate new research and build awareness of the impact of research work, NAEMSE and PCRF will produce a monthly “EMS Education Research Alert” featuring a recent scientific article of interest to EMS educators. Also monthly, PCRF will collaborate with NAEMSE to produce its EMS Education Journal Club Podcast, housed and published by NAEMSE.

This strategic partnership will make an impact in advancing education through the use of science. David Page, MS, NRP, Director, Prehospital Care Research Forum at UCLA stated “that this is a wonderful and historic partnership that will help drive evidence-based practices in EMS education”. Mr. Bryan Ericson, incoming President of NAEMSE stated that “by partnering with PCRF, the association will be helping to improve EMS educational research the world over.”