PCRF Associates - August 2016 Update

Over the past few months, the PCRF Associates were asked to reapply, and renew their commitment to the forum. Associates help educate, and especially mentor new researchers. They also assist the forum in performing peer review for our dissemination activities. We are proud to list the current contemporary list:

Christopher T Boyer, PhD(c), NRP, FP-C, MPA, MA
Sean J. Britton NRP, CPH, CEM
Elliot Carhart, EdD, RRT, NRP
Lynne Dees, PhD, NRP
Jackson Deziel, PhD, MPA, NRP
Kylie Dyson, PhD, BHsc (Hons), Paramedic
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP
Michael Hubble PhD, EMT-P
Todd R. Johnson, EdD, NRP
Todd j. LeDuc, MS, CFO, CEM, FIFirE
Melisa McNeil, PhD(c), MHS, EMT-P
Mike Miller, EdD, NRP

Keith A. Monosky, EdD, NRP
Madeleine O'Donnell, BNg, BEd, MEd
Louise Reynolds, PhD
Bill Robertson, EdD, NRP
Paul Rosenberger, EdD, NRP
Chris Thos. Ryther, MS, NRP
Andrew W. Stern, MPA, MA, NREMT-P
Dr. Walt Stoy PhD, EMT-P, CCEMT-P
Jonathan R Studnek, PhD, NRP
Dan Swayze, PhD, NRP
Mike Taigman, EMT-P
Atilla Uner, MD, MPH, FAAEM
Brett Williams PhD, FPA, MHlth Sc

Please put these people to work, they want to help you do research! If you’d like mentoring services, contact dpage@mednet.ucla.edu