Board member spotlight: Megan Corry, EdD, EMTP

Megan is the Program Director for the City College of San Francisco Paramedic Program and on the board of advisors for the PCRF. She is a frequent host of the PCRF Journal Club Podcast and uses her unique expertise and perspective to help audiences interpret science and advance EMS. She frequently pushes boundaries of thought and concepts. As a tireless advocate for diversity and inclusiveness, she has promoted Freedom House: Her work is illustrative and each documentary has been exemplary. Dr. Corry also recently completed her EdD. She is a tireless mentor for young researchers, and this month, Dr. Corry was faculty for the 2016 NAEMSE Symposium presenting, "Action Research in the EMS Classroom" and "Evaluating EMS Research Competency."

She is now continuing her focus on action research, which is the empowering process of taking one element of teaching practice and conducting a disciplined process of inquiry to improve upon the practice and educational experience. Corry elaborated further by saying, "EMS educators will tell you they continuously 'tweak' their curriculum and pedagogy based on student experience and outcomes. Action research takes this a step further. It is systematic and uses research methodology to continuously examine a practice with the goal of improving the student outcomes."