New Partners: iSimulate & Pocket Nurse

iSimulate – It gives us great pleasure to announce that iSimulate has become a partner at the Founder level. We are very excited about this new corporate partnership. PCRF is proud to be working with iSimulate to assist EMS Educators in research. At a special meeting in Fort Worth, five groups have launched new research projects thanks to this sponsorship. The topics include:

  • Does simulation improve critical thinking?
  • How much variability exists between raters looking at a standardized scenario?
  • Does simulation increase feelings of preparedness in paramedic students?
  • Is standardized patient use better than high fidelity manikin use?
  • Does IPE simulation improve hand-off communications between paramedics and nursing students?

Pocket Nurse – Please also welcome Pocket Nurse at the Friend level.

It is thanks to these generous corporate partner relationships that PCRF fulfills its mission, building the scientific foundation for our future. Please thank these partners the next time you interact with them.