Phlebotomy Course Schedule

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The Phlebotomy course takes place over six weeks with a mix of evening lectures and weekend skills:

During the course, you will be scheduled for your Skills Lab and Skills Final Exam on a Saturday or Sunday. You will have the option to choose when to do your optional Skills Practice session.

  • In week 3 or 4, you will be scheduled one Saturday or Sunday for your Skills Lab.
  • In week 5, you may choose to attend an optional Skills Practice session on Saturday or Sunday.
  • At the end of week 6, you will be scheduled one Saturday or Sunday for your Skills Final Exam.

You will schedule clinical shifts at our partner labs and clinics during your course. You must complete 40 hours of clinical shifts, along with a minimum number of several procedures. Under normal circumstances, it takes four to six weeks to complete your clinical shifts.

Attendance Requirements


Didactic / Lecture

Attendance is mandatory as all students are required to have at least forty hours of didactic training set forth by the state of California. Students may miss a maximum of one four hour lecture or portion thereof for sessions that are eight hours. The student is responsible for all missed lecture material. If a student misses a lecture exam, the exam may be made up by taking it during an exam retake date but it will count as one of the two retake exams. Practical skill sessions may not be missed. Any absence must be supported with documentation and presented to the program director before the next session.

Clinical Rotations

Per the state of California, students are expected to complete no less than 40 hours in the clinical environment. Students are required to attend every clinical shift and orientation as assigned. Any absence must be reported to the clinical site and program director, along with providing supporting documentation. It is expected that students will be absent only for unexpected illnesses. No more than one excused, canceled, or rescheduled shift will be allowed per student. More than two undocumented absences may result in removal from the clinical phase of training and program.