Required Materials

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Textbook: You must buy the textbook before the first day of class and bring it with you to the first class. The textbook, Phlebotomy Essentials, is available at Amazon. Please make sure you purchase the correct edition: 

The course policy manual and skills manual will be provided to you on the first day of class at no additional cost.

Complio: Course medical prerequisites are collected using Complio, at a one-time cost of $18.

Scrubs: Students must wear solid color scrubs (matching top and bottom) without any insignia during in-class lectures, skills lab sessions, and the clinical phase. Scrubs cannot be solid black, solid white or fluorescent colors. You can purchase scrubs that meet these requirements from any medical clothing vendor. Students must also wear closed toed and heeled nursing or clean tennis shoes with no mesh, and no solid black, solid white or fluorescent colors.

Internet Access & Laptop/Tablet: Access to our course companion website will be distributed on the first day of class. Reliable internet access is required when attending our course as this will allow you access to the course companion website, grades, and other resources. You must have a tablet or laptop computer you can bring to class for our in-class online exams.