Costs, Budgeting & Scholarships

The estimated costs for the Paramedic Program are detailed below. At our free Student Information Session we review these costs, as well as available funding resources, payment disbursement dates, cost-saving ideas, and more. Please consider attending one of these sessions prior to completing your application.

These are the typical program fees and materials costs. Tuition is due before or at the beginning of the program:

Entrance Exam Fee
Application fee
Due on submission. No cost to begin application.
Standard format:
Part-Time/Hybrid format:

$10,000 $16,000
$950 deposit due 2 weeks after acceptance, included in above tuition. Balance of tuition due by beginning of program, unless enrolled in Payment Plan.
Must be purchased before program begins.
Clinical equipment
Stethoscope and goggles, ranging in price from $25-$200 and $10-$60, respectively. Must be purchased before program begins.
Uniform top & trousers
Optional fee for parking at the Paramedic school.
College Credit fee
Optional. Payable to West L.A. College.


These are the typical certification costs, due near the end of the program:


National Registry Practical Exam
National Registry written exam application fee
Los Angeles County Accreditation
State of California Paramedic Licensing Fee
Live Scan fee
Estimated fee per Live Scan report.


(If you are not currently certified as a California EMT, which is required for attendance, you will have an additional certification cost of about $180.)

The total estimated cost for the traditional program format is about $11,900; or $17,900 for the Part-Time/Hybrid format.

Payment Plan

If you are accepted to the Program, you have the option to pay your tuition in full or use our payment plan option. All tuition figures below include the non-refundable deposit of $950. The payment plan also bundles costs for textbooks, lab fees, ID card, and graduation pin, and includes an administrative fee.

Traditional Program Tuition

  • Pre-paid tuition: $10,000
  • Payment plan option: $10,180 with transaction fees (plus bundled fees for the items noted above)

To enroll into the payment plan for the traditional-format program you have to pay $950 to secure your seat and a down payment of $3,800 in lieu of full payment of your tuition. The remaining balance can be paid in 3 monthly payments during the program. An administrative fee of $60 is incurred for each payment.

Hybrid Program

  • Pre-paid tuition: $16,000
  • Payment plan option: $16,180

To enroll into the payment plan for the part-time/hybrid program you have to pay a down payment of $7,425 one month before the course begins. The remaining balance can be paid in 3 monthly payments during the program. The payment plan for the part-time/hybrid program also incurs a $60 fee per payment.

To enroll in any payment plan you must attend a required workshop with our Records & Registration Manager. Please email Darlene Karim at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

For Veterans (GI Bill®)

Our traditional Paramedic course is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow eligible veterans to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and others. Our new Hybrid Paramedic program is not approved for the GI Bill at this time.

You served our country, now let us help you!  Learn more about we offer you by visting our Veterans' section.

Robert E. Davis Memorial Scholarship (Paramedic Testing & Licensure Fees)

A benefactor has made funding available through the Robert E. Davis Memorial Scholarship to help support testing and licensure fees (in the amount of $420) for private students in the UCLA Paramedic Program. This scholarship honors the memory of Robert E. Davis and his devotion to serving his country, his family, and his community by supporting private paramedic students at a time in the program when they may need it the most. Please see the Robert E. Davis Scholarship page for details.

Marshall T. Morgan, MD Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of longtime UCLA emergency physician Marshall T. Morgan, this program provides two Paramedic scholarships annually. For the paramedic program, the scholarship will award up to $3000 toward course fees and materials. Application information will be sent to those who are eligible after acceptance into the UCLA Paramedic Program. Please see the Marshall Morgan Scholarship page for details.

Tom W. Olofson Scholarship

Tom W. Olofson was a successful business executive, attorney investor, and philanthropist. Mr. Olofson took delight during his life in supporting a variety of philanthropic efforts, and in his memory has family have established the first scholarship to award full course fees for the UCLA Paramedic program. In addition to the full course fee scholarship, the Tom W. Olofson Scholarship will award a second student up to $2,000 toward course fees. The inaugural Tom W. Olofson Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student in our January 2019 course. For more information and to apply, please visit the Tom W. Olofson Scholarship page.

Derrick Schiller Memorial Scholarship

Derrick Schiller graduated from the UCLA Paramedic Program in January, 2017, and tragically died later that year. In his memory, Derrick's family has established the Derrick Schiller Memorial Scholarship to support Paramedic students who, like Derrick, come from the families of firefighters or paramedics. For more information, please visit the Derrick Schiller Memorial Scholarship page.

Mitch Sekine Memorial Scholarship

Michihito “Mitch” Sekine was a graduate of the September 2005 UCLA-Daniel Freeman Paramedic Education Program who was tragically killed on August 3, 2007, as a result of a fatal traffic collision.  To honor Mitch’s memory, his family and friends established The Mitch Sekine Memorial Scholarship to help support the education of future paramedic students at the UCLA-Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program, Mitch’s beloved alma mater.

One student in each of our paramedic course will be awarded a $2,000 tuition scholarship.

Only accepted private (non-fire department sponsored) students in each class are eligible to apply for the scholarship.  The scholarship application and details are given out to students at the time each class is accepted.  Students must have a demonstrated financial need and meet the selection criteria as established by the Selection Committee.

Students with questions about the scholarship can contact the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care, at

For questions about the scholarship fund, donations, and/or to be added to the contact list for future events, please contact the Mitch Sekine Memorial Fund Committee at

If you know someone that is interested in donating (donations are tax deductible) please click here for more information.

Ryan M. Sorek Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Michael Sorek was a passionate and dedicated paramedic who saved many lives during his brief time on earth.

After graduating from the UCLA Daniel Freeman Paramedic program in 2002, Ryan worked as a paramedic in California while staying current on all of the latest procedures and protocols.  He later accepted a position as a paramedic with Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota, where he moved in 2005 to start a family.

On the morning of March 9, 2007, Ryan was found unresponsive in his home where he returned after a particularly stressful and late shift.  Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful and it was later determined that the cause of Ryan's death was lymphocytic myocarditis as the result of an on-duty exposure at the young age of 25.

To honor Ryan's memory and to keep his drive and passion alive in the emergency medicine community, Face Off With Cancer has established the Ryan M. Sorek Memorial Scholarship to support the education of future students at the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care Paramedic Program. For more information and to apply for the scholarship, please visit the Ryan M. Sorek Memorial Scholarship page.

Outside Scholarships

Bound Tree and NAEMT both offer scholarships; please visit their pages for details. (The NAEMT scholarships are limited to members of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and are designed to support advancement of EMS personnel, e.g. from First Responder to EMT-Basic, or EMT-Basic to Paramedic.)

Federal Financial Aid

Through our relationship with West Los Angeles College (WLAC), our Center is able to offer federal financial aid as one option to assist eligible students of the traditional UCLA Paramedic Program recover some of the costs of tuition.  If you enroll with West Los Angeles College (WLAC) for college credit once you are accepted to the traditional Paramedic Program you then become eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid and/or loans from other private banks and lenders. The Hybrid Paramedic program is not approved for Federal Financial Aid at this time.

Federal financial aid can help you attend our traditional paramedic course instead of just having to settle for any course that you can afford without help.  However, please note that the tuition deadlines and financial aid process do not coincide - you will have to come up with the funding for tuition beforehand. 

Be sure to come to our Student Information Session for more information about how the financial aid process works in the Program!  Read about our Federal Financial Aid process and Contacts here.

Please — even if you think you won't be eligible for financial aid — take the time to explore the many options available. What you discover may surprise you, and open the way for you to enroll, thrive and graduate from one of the finest paramedic programs in the world.

Other Lenders

A list of approved lenders for private loans can be obtained when visiting the WLAC Federal Financial Office.  Remember that you need the on-line application (FAFSA) in order to apply for private lender loans.

Additional funds may be available from private sources such as businesses, community groups, medical societies, churches, hospitals, etc.   You may want to check with organizations where you live or where you grew up to find other potential funding. There are web sites that offer database searches, many of which are free.

There are a also a variety of ways to obtain scholarship information on your own. One way is to check the reference section of college libraries. Typically, libraries have scholarship reference books that describe potential scholarship sources. Another possible way to find scholarships is to check with organizations in the area where you live or grew up: medical or EMS societies, hospitals, EMS agencies, EMS or hospital foundations, churches, clubs, veteran's organizations, etc.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at