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Complio & Background Check

EMT students will use Complio to track compliance with vaccinations, health prerequisites, and background information. Complio requires a one-time cost of $18 for the vaccine tracker and $42 for a background check.

Background checks only report convictions, open cases, and adjudicated cases. Traffic offenses and moving violations including speeding, driving while under the influence, or reckless driving are not reported and thus do not impact the background check. If a case has been dismissed, it is not reported. If the background check contains a criminal conviction or other potentially disqualifying information, an individualized assessment will be conducted.

As per the California Code of Regulations Section 100214.3: Denial or Revocation of a Certificate, the following individuals are not able to be certified as an EMT and are ineligible for the EMT Course:

  1. Has committed any sexually related offense specified under Section 290 of the Penal Code.
  2. Has been convicted of murder, attempted murder, or murder for hire.
  3. Has been convicted of two (2) or more felonies.

Other offenses may limit or inhibit the ability to be certified as an EMT in the State of California. For additional information on EMT certification in the State of California, please reach out to your local EMS Agency.

Dress for ride-along shifts

During the skills sessions, a student must wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes for performing skills. When completing your ambulance ride along, you must wear a plain white collared shirt (e.g., a polo or dress shirt with no insignias), black or dark blue slacks/medic pants, and black/dark closed-toe shoes.

Textbook: EMT Premier Access Code and UCLA Fisdap EMT

The Jones & Bartlett EMT Premier Access Package provides access to the course website, course materials, and an electronic version of the required textbook. The textbook is the Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 12th Edition, by AAOS. The required UCLA Fisdap account is used for skills tracking and exams. You must purchase these items prior to the start of class through the link below. The premier access and Fisdap account are bundled together so only one product purchase is necessary.

Required Materials Cost
Complio $60.00
EMT Premier Access Code 12E w/FISDAP: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Digital Premier Package, Twelfth Edition + FISDAP account, ISBN: 9781284266054 $289.46
Total $349.46


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