EMT Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Do I have to fill out an application for the EMT course or be an UCLA student to be eligible?
No, there is no application for our course, and you do not have to be a UCLA student to enroll. Our course is open to the public for enrollment.

2.    I saw the course I wanted listed the other day; now it’s no longer there can I still enroll?
The only classes available for enrollment are listed online. If a course is no longer listed it has reached its maximum enrollment capacity and can no longer accept additional students.

3.    I am on the waitlist, what number am I, and how or when will you notify me if there is space available?
Our waitlist is not ranked. If a space becomes available in a course you’re waitlisted for we will email everyone on that waitlist. The first student to respond to the email (phone calls not accepted), and able to pay the course fee in full will be able to fill that spot.

4.    How do I enroll in the course?
You can enroll online, over the phone or by coming into the office. We accepted Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Please keep in mind when using a credit/debit card there is a 2.75% service fee. To enroll in person visit us M-F 8:30a-5p at 10990 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1450 Los Angeles, CA 90024. Acceptable forms of payment are: cashier’s check, money order, corporate check, or one of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Per University guidelines, we cannot accept cash or personal checks.


5.    Is EMT Preparation required?
EMT Prep is not required however two subject areas many students struggle with in an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program are Medical Terminology and the Human Body topics, especially Cardiology and Neurology. EMT Prep gives students a head start with this terminology so they will be successful in the EMT program.
6.    What are the prerequisites for the course and when are they due?
To see the complete list of medical and documentation prerequisites for the course, please visit the EMT course’s web page. Prerequisites are due on the first day of class for the traditional class, and on the first day of skills for the hybrid class.

7.    Is there a language requirement for the course?
In order to be successful in the course, students should be able to read, speak and write fluently in English.

Ride-along information

8.    Where do I do my ride along shifts?
Ride along shifts are done with various affiliated ambulance companies. We make every attempt to pair students with affiliates that are most convenient for the student. Minimum requirements: 24 hours and 10 patient contacts.

9.    How much time do I have to complete my clinical or ride-along? 
You have 30 calendar days from the last day of class to turn in your check-off list. If our office does not receive your clinical or ride-along form within 30 days following the last day of class you will not receive a passing grade.

Certification and job placement

10.    When can I take the National Registry Exam (NREMT) certifying test?
You may schedule the certifying examination after you have successfully completed the program. You may apply for certification testing by completing the online application at www.nremt.org. This application will be verified by our EMT Program Director within one week, if all course completion requirements are met.

11.    Where will I take the state board exam? 
No state board exam, just an application, fee and background check. Here is the link: http://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/ems/   

12.    What is your success rate on the National Registry board exam?
The success rate on the National registry is 93%

13.    What do I do after I pass the National Registry exam?
After you have completed your training, you must pass a National Registry written and skills certifying examination and apply for certification at a local EMS agency. The local EMS agency may have additional requirements such as paying a fee, supplying a picture or undergoing a background check. It is a good idea to call ahead and find out what, if any, additional requirements exist.

14.     Can I certify out of Los Angeles County? 
With a UCLA EMT course completion certificate in hand, a student may attempt to attain State certification anywhere in California, through a local certifying agency, normally the county department of health services.

15.    Is my county certification good throughout California? 
Yes. Individual counties are only allowed to request an additional background investigation above and beyond the one conducted upon initial certification. This practice will vary from county to county.

16.     Is my certification good in other states? 
EMTs must be certified within the state that they take the initial EMT course. Upon becoming California State certified, an EMT may apply for certification in another state. Approximately half of all states are under the National Registry of EMT. These States require that an EMT is Nationally registered upon entering the State. A student may request information regarding National Registry
certification by calling the National Registry at (614) 888-4484 or visiting www.nremt.org.

17.    Do you offer job placement?
We do not offer job placement.


18.    Are textbooks required for the course?
Please see the Required Materials page for details.

19.    Are there any additional items I will have to pay for?

  • Parking at UCLA ($7.00 - $12.00) - pricing depends on the parking lot that you use for the course. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • National Registry Exam ($70-$80) 

20.    Does the EMT course offer federal financial aid? 
The EMT course does not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs.  Students are encouraged to contact their own local credit union or bank and inquire about what private loan services they offer to members. However, if students decide to obtain West LA college credit while attending our program they may be eligible for financial aid through West LA that may cover the EMT program.

21.    Will the EMT course accept my GI Bill (Veteran’s Administration Assistance)?
The EMT Traditional classroom course is eligible to process Veterans Benefits; the EMT Hybrid course is not. Please reach out to our Veterans Bill Coordinator,  Darlene Karim dkarim@mednet.ucla.edu

22.    What is your refund policy and how do I request a refund?
Refunds must be requested at least 14 calendar days before the first day of class. If the refund request meets this requirement, the student will receive a full refund, minus the $100 non-refundable fee. ALL refund requests must be made in writing. Phone requests will not be accepted. To request a refund, students must email cpc@mednet.ucla.edu. We will make every attempt to respond to you within two business days.

Contact information

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?
Prospective students may contact our Main Office at 310-267-5959,  or email our student services department at cpc@mednet.ucla.edu. Current students should contact Pilar Beck, EMT Administrative Assistant, by e-mail at Pbeck@mednet.ucla.edu or by phone at 310-312-9310.