EMT Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to fill out an application for the EMT course or be a UCLA student to be eligible?

No, there is no application for our course. Enrollment is open to the public and completed here.

I am on the waitlist. How do I know if I will be enrolled in the class?

If space becomes available in a course we send an email to everyone on that waitlist. The first student to respond to the email (phone calls not accepted), and be able to pay the course fee will fill the open seat.

How do I enroll in the course?

You can enroll online, over the phone, or by coming into the office. Please see our page on payment methods for the forms of payment we accept and our Contact Us page for more information..

I found the course I wanted to enroll in listed previously but now it’s no longer there. Can I still enroll?

The only classes available for enrollment are listed online. If a course is no longer listed it has reached its maximum enrollment and can no longer accept additional students.

What happens after I enroll?

You will receive an email confirming enrollment with specific details about the program. Please review this email as it includes important course information and links. If you are enrolling in a class that doesn’t start for a couple of months, that information will come in an email closer to the start of the class. Hybrid students will also receive an email from Adobe Connect with their login information a day or two prior to the class,so please keep an eye out for it.  



Is the EMT Preparation course required?

EMT Prep is not required, though many EMT students find medical terminology, human anatomy, and physiology to be challenging subjects. EMT Prep gives students a head start with this content.

What are the prerequisites for the course and when are they due?

To see the complete list of medical and documentation prerequisites for the course, please visit the EMT course prerequisites page. Students are unable to complete ride-along shifts until all prerequisites are satisfied. These documents can be uploaded via Complio where they are confidentially verified. 

Is there a language requirement for the course?

In order to be successful in the course, students should be able to read, speak, and write fluently in English.



What is the attendance policy for the accelerated course?

Accelerated students are required to be in class for the scheduled dates of the course.  Absences exceeding 8 hours result in the student not being eligible for course completion.

What is the attendance policy for the online/hybrid course?

Hybrid students are required to attend 1 live lecture (Monday or Wednesday) per week and may listen to the other lecture as a recording which is posted online. Hybrid students are required to attend skills sessions and may only miss one 10-hour skills session (Saturday & Sunday skills sessions) or up to two 4-hour skills sessions (Tuesday/Thursday skills course).

Ride-along information


Where do I complete my ride-along shifts?

Ride-along shifts are completed with several high performing affiliated ambulance agencies throughout the Los Angeles area. We make every attempt to pair students with affiliates that are most convenient for the student. Minimum requirements include 24 hours and 10 patient contacts.  You will receive more information on this once the course has started and your prerequisite paperwork has been completed.

How much time do I have to complete my ride-along shifts?

You have 30 calendar days from the last day of class to complete your ride-along shifts and turn in the required paperwork.

Is there a uniform required for ride-along shifts?

To see complete details regarding dress for ride-along shifts, please visit our EMT required materials page. Students are to wear required attire, name badge, neatly trimmed facial hair, hair that is longer than shoulder length needs to be pulled back, and a wristwatch.  Required clothing cannot be purchased from the Center for Prehospital Care.

During the classroom portion, students need to be dressed appropriately to perform all skill activities conducted in class.

Certification and job placement


When can I take the National Registry Exam (NREMT) certifying test?

The skills exam is completed on the final day of class. You may schedule the cognitive examination after you have successfully completed the program. You may apply for certification testing by creating an account and completing the online application at www.nremt.org. This application will be verified by our EMT Program Director. You will receive more information on this during the course.

What is our success rate on the National Registry exam?

In 2020, the UCLA first attempt pass rate on the NREMT cognitive exam was 96%.

What do I do after I pass the National Registry exam?

You can then apply for certification from the county in which you intend to practice.  

How do I become certified in Los Angeles?

There is an application, fee, and background check. More information can be found here: http://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/ems/

Can I apply for certification in a county other than Los Angeles County?

With a UCLA EMT course completion certificate, a student may attempt to attain state certification anywhere in California.  This is done through a local certifying agency; normally, the Local EMS Agency or LEMSA.

Is my certification good in other states?

EMTs must be certified within the state where they take the initial EMT course. Upon becoming California State certified, an EMT may apply for reciprocity in another state. Most states recognize the NREMT but may require additional documentation or fees.

Do you offer job placement?

While we do not offer specific job placement, many local agencies present information on their agency to students throughout the course as well as post their hiring information on a board located outside the classroom.

Course Fees/Financial Assistance​


What materials or textbooks are required for the course?

Students must purchase online course materials, have Internet access, and have clothing suitable for the ambulance ride-along shifts. Please see the Required Materials page for details. Additionally, students in the online program who choose to take any of the exams online, rather than here in our facilities, will pay $19.75 per exam session to ProctorU, which enables at-home, proctored testing.

Are there any additional items I will have to pay for?

Parking fees for the course may be incurred depending on how you plan to get to class. Additionally, the NREMT Cognitive exam is $98.

Does the EMT course offer federal financial aid?

The EMT course does not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs.  Please see our Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information.

Will the EMT course accept my GI Bill® (Veteran’s Administration Assistance)?

The EMT accelerated course is eligible for Veterans Benefits; the online EMT course is not. Please email our Veterans Bill Coordinator,  Darlene Karim dkarim@mednet.ucla.edu for details on using your GI Bill benefits.

Does the EMT course offer a payment plan?

The EMT program offers a payment plan option that allows students to secure a seat with three monthly payments prior to the course start date. Please see our page on payment plans for more information.

What is your refund policy and how do I request a refund?

Refunds must be requested in writing at least 14 calendar days before the first day of class. Please see our Refunds & Transfers page for more information.

Contact information​


Whom should I contact if I have other questions?

Prospective students may contact our Main Office at 310-267-5959,  or email our student services department at cpc@mednet.ucla.edu.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.