Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest Treated by BLS vs. ALS

The Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Treated by Basic vs. Advanced Life Support

Prehospital Airway Management

The Process of Prehospital Airway Management: Challenges and Solutions During Paramedic Endotracheal Intubation

Crew Resource Management Training

A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Crew Resource Management Training in Acute Care Domains

Hydroxocobalamin & Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation

A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Intravenous Hydroxocobalamin Versus Whole Blood Transfusion Compared to No Treatment for Class III Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation in a Prehospital Swine Model

The Compensatory Reserve

Individual-Specific, Beat-to-Beat Trending of Significant Human Blood Loss: The Compensatory Reserve

Emergency Medical Services and "Psych Calls"

Emergency Medical Services and 'Psych Calls': Examining the Work of Urban EMS Providers