National Registry Paramedic Refresher

Complete Paramedic Refresher Course

Course fee: $395 • Nonrefundable: $50


NEW Course format!  LIVE online lectures with our faculty and experts delivered safely to you at home.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by earning and/or keeping your National Registry card!  This course meets the 30-hour National Component requirement for renewing your National Registry certification and also provides an additional 18 hours you may use to meet the Local/State Component or the Individual Component requirement. This course also meets the California Paramedic Recertification CEU requirement of 48 hours.

Four-hour sessions every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings (8:00am-12:00pm) on these dates:

•  March 3, 5, 6
•  March 10, 12, 13
•  March 17, 19, 20

Our course has an eight-year history of featuring professionals renowned in their respective fields. This year's lecture schedule includes:

•  Ed Oliphant
•  Sevan Gerard
•  Nanci Medina
•  Judy Sherif
•  Lindsey Simpson
•  Don Gerety
•  Lynne Dees
•  Dr. Daniel Nordby
•  Ryan Trobaugh

Upon successful completion of the entire course, you will earn 48 hours (36 hours of instructor led) CEU credit for paramedics, registered nurses, and mobile intensive care nurses (MICNs).

Required Materials

A link to your brief pre-course homework will be emailed at least one week prior to the course start date. All materials are provided in class.

Please visit our course pages for BLS, ACLSPALS, PHTLS, and AMLS if you need to renew those certifications.


This course does not provide competencies in any skills area, nor does it provide a medical director's signature. To complete your NREMT-P re-registration, you will have to have your provider agency's medical director verify your competencies and sign your recertification form, or take our optional Paramedic National Registry Skills Exam Practice course for verification of your skill competencies if you are eligible.