National Registry Paramedic Refresher

Complete Paramedic Refresher Course

Course fee: $350 • Nonrefundable: $50


Paramedics seeking to maintain their skills and certification for National Registry must also complete 48 hours of continuing education in specific subject areas every two years. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by earning and/or keeping your National Registry card! This 5-day course meets the 48-hour core content requirement for National Registry recertification.

Our course has an 8-year history of featuring professionals renowned in their respective fields. Our lecturers include:

  • Dr. Baxter Larmon (UCLA Center for Prehospital Care)
  • Dr. Heather Davis (UCLA Center for Prehospital Care/Paramedic Education Program)
  • Brian Wheeler (UCLA Center for Prehospital Care/Paramedic Education Program)
  • John Kades (L.A. County Coroner)
  • Jim Crabtree (L.A. County EMS Agency)
  • Nanci Medina (Los Angeles Fire Department)
  • Ian Good (L.A. County Fire Department Hazmat)
  • Tony Melendez (Huntington Memorial Hospital)
  • Elaine Rojas (Grossman Burn Center)

Upon successful completion of the entire course you will earn a course completion certificate and 48 hours of instructor-led CEU credit for paramedics, registered nurses, and mobile intensive care nurses (MICNs).

ACLS Skills & Recertification

The third day of the October course will feature ACLS skills. If you have a current AHA ACLS certification, this will renew your certification for two years. If your certification has lapsed, you may take our Online Heartcode ACLS (with additional fee) prior to the skills day and receive your card on successful completion of the skills component in your Paramedic Refresher course.

Required Materials

Please review the course homework documents prior to the course. You can turn in the completed homework on any of the five course days. All other materials will be provided during the course.

Please visit our course pages for BLS, PALS, and PHTLS if you need to renew those certifications.

Transition Requirement

This course does not meet the NREMT Transition Course requirement. The California EMSA has approved three online NREMT Transition Courses, as detailed in this announcement (PDF).


This course is held at:
UCLA Paramedic Education Program Campus
5220 Pacific Concourse Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045


This course does not provide competencies in any skills area, nor does it provide a medical director's signature. To complete your NREMT-P re-registration, you will have to have your provider agency's medical director verify your competencies and sign your recertification form, or take our optional Paramedic National Registry Skills Exam Practice course for verification of your skill competencies if you are eligible.

There is a strict attendance policy for this course. In order to earn a course completion certificate for the full course, you must attend every hour of the course (no absences for full or partial days/hours are permitted).

November 2015 Course Documents

You can find the presentations for the November 2015 course at this link.