National Registry Skills Re-test

Available course dates

Course fee: $235 • Nonrefundable: $50


Register for this skills re-test exam only if you need to retest a specific skill(s) and you have not already re-tested the skills portion of the National Registry more than 3 times. You may re-test up to 3 skills. If you need to retest more than 3 skills you need to register for the full exam.

Required Materials

You must bring your driver's license, National Registry Skills Sheets, and a #2 pencil to the exam.


Please complete and mail the National Registry Paramedic application to the National Registry prior to the test date. All Students must arrive on time to the exam (at 0800) to attend a mandatory briefing that is conducted by a National Registry Representative. There are no exceptions – if you arrive late you will not be allowed to test. Testing begins promptly after the briefing.