National Registry Skills Exam Preparation

Available course dates

Course fee: $150 • Nonrefundable: $50


This course enables participants to test in a mock skills examination using the same evaluation criteria as that of the official National Registry Paramedic Skills Exam. Our mock exam simulates the environment and stress level encountered during an actual exam, so you know you will be ready! On Day 1 of the course, participants will complete the mock skills exam and will receive their individual results. Participants will have the opportunity to return on Day 2 to practice any skills stations that the participant may have failed, alongside an experienced instructor.


Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch and study materials.


You should attend this course prepared as if you are ready to take the National Registry Paramedic Skills Exam.

If you have not been a practicing paramedic for an extended period of time, you might find a cognitive review such as our Paramedic Refresher or an ACLS course helpful prior to attempting the skills exam. There is no classroom instruction prior to the mock exam.