Robert E. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. Davis photo

A benefactor has made funding available through the Robert E. Davis Memorial Scholarship to help support testing and licensure fees (in the amount of $420) for private students in the UCLA Paramedic Program.

From a very young age Robert Davis believed in serving his country -- at 17 in Germany and Italy -- as well as his family and his community.  He recognized the human condition and wanted to make a difference to the people around him. This benefactor wants to honor the memory of Mr. Davis by easing your financial burden to pay the National Registry exam fees ($295 for skills and $125 for written) at a time when you’ve been in class and haven't been working for months. Should you be awarded a Testing Scholarship, the fees will be paid directly to UC Regents on your behalf and you will be issued a voucher to cover those fees.

The number of scholarships awarded varies based on available funding. 

The Davis Scholarship application is currently open to private students in Class 62 and 63. To apply please login with your student account here and navigate to the Davis scholarship in the "My Applications" tab.