Lyn Riley

Lyn has been involved in Emergency Medicine for over 25 years. As the Program Manager for our Fire Department Quality Improvement area, Lyn provides on-site education and quality management in conjunction with an active and participative EMS ride-along component. To support her position, she has a five-member team of both paramedics and nurses that are able to provide these distinct and personalized programs to fire departments across the Los Angeles County area. In her mentorship role, Lyn educates and provides prehospital insight to all team members using the field perspective as a measurement and guide.

Lyn has lectured extensively at conferences around the nation, and most recently was designated the Educational Consultant of the International Tactical Emergency Medical Services Organization. As a function of her role, she is also the Clinical Supervisor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Air 5 Medevac Helicopter program, functioning not only as an educator, but also as an active flight nurse, working with deputy/paramedics in the transport and care of critical trauma and medical patients.