Phlebotomy Program

Free Phlebotomy info session Wednesday, March 31 @ 6 pm

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UCLA's Phlebotomy Course can start your medical career

No previous medical experience is required. Our program will provide you with extensive training in the knowledge and skills required to be a successful phlebotomist! Payment plans are not available for the January 2021 Phlebotomy course.

COVID update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing measures have been taken in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. Online lectures will follow the posted schedule, but dates may be modified for in-person skills and field/clinic rotations.

Phlebotomy Program

Course fee: $2,275 • Nonrefundable: $200



  • Continue Working While You Learn
  • Seven weeks in evening/weekend classes, plus clinical shifts
  • Become Eligible for a Phlebotomy License in the State of California
  • 96% completion rate. 99% licensing rate.

Phlebotomists work in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities drawing blood from patients in preparation for medical testing. As a phlebotomist, you must be attentive to detail, work well under pressure, have excellent manual dexterity, great communication skills, and really enjoy working with people.

Because phlebotomists collect blood and are at risk for exposure to a variety of diseases, they must be trained in laboratory safety and the strict policies and precautions to help ensure their safety and that of their patients.

Preparation Course

We recommend that students take our Phlebotomy Preparation course, which takes place over three online sessions several weeks before your Phlebotomy course. The preparation course addresses areas in which we have found students most often struggle in the Phlebotomy course, and is designed to help you succeed in Phlebotomy.


The course consists of didactic instruction (in the classroom) and clinical rotations (in hospital). Didactic instruction takes place over seven weeks. Clinical rotations begin approximately halfway through didactic instruction and may continue as long as three months, depending on the availability of shifts. Clinical shifts are scheduled during class. Please visit the course schedule page for schedule details.

As of March 2020, the state licensing board has approved UCLA to pilot online delivery of the lecture portion of our program. We expect to continue this through the end of 2020.

  • For the first two weeks of the didactic phase, classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 10pm and all day Saturdays, from 8am to 5pm.
  • On the third week, classes meet on Thursday and Saturday.
  • For the remaining three weeks, classes meet on all day Saturdays, from 8am to 5pm. Through lectures, interactive presentations, skills labs, and simulations you will gain the knowledge and skills to administer blood draws for patients. You will first practice venipuncture on manikins, followed by practicing venipuncture on each other before beginning starting your clinical phase.

The clinical phase may begin during the fourth week of the didactic phase of the course, depending on shift availability. Available shifts may include day, evening, and weekend shifts (separate from the classroom hours). In the clinical phase, you will be rotated through UCLA hospitals and affiliated community clinics. You will function on a one-to-one basis, drawing blood from actual patients, under the direct supervision of a laboratory supervisor and/or licensed phlebotomist preceptor.

Required Materials

The textbook, fees for online exams, and fees for Complio compliance tracking are not included in the course fee. Please see the Required Materials page for these costs.

Phlebotomy students are required to have access to a stable internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Mac) for testing purposes.