Emergency Medical Responder/First Responder (EMR)

Free EMT/EMR info session Tuesday, September 25 @ 6pm

Eventbrite - UCLA EMT/EMR Student Info Session - September 25, 2018

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Course fee: $895 • Nonrefundable: $100
Additional materials cost: $130


Our Emergency Medical Responder program trains individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more medical help can arrive. EMRs provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the EMS system. EMRs have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS resources to arrive. EMRs also provide assistance to higher-level personnel at the scene of emergencies and during transport. EMRs can perform basic interventions with minimal equipment.

This course takes place over three weekends, with an additional 12 hours of online coursework, for a total of 60 hours of instruction. The course is open to students age 16 and up, and has no prerequisites. No medical clearance is required.

EMR students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Emergency Medical Responder exam. Students will also receive an AHA course completion card for BLS provider and an EMR course completion certificate.

Students whose goal is to work on an ambulance, or become a firefighter or paramedic, are better served by taking our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course.