Phlebotomy Preparation

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Course fee: $225 • Nonrefundable: $50


Online sessions with our faculty prep you for any Phlebotomy course

The Phlebotomy Preparation live online course provides students with the opportunity to build a foundation as they embark on their journey of becoming a Licensed Phlebotomist. This prep course is also a good introduction for students interested in working as a laboratory professional or other medical office professional. The course gives an overview of ​topics such as:

•  Introduction to the field of Phlebotomy
•  Medical Terminology
•  Intro to Anatomy and Physiology
•  Blood Collection Equipment
•  Methods of Blood Draw
•  Appropriate Sharps Disposal
•  Accuracy in Patient Care

Phlebotomy Preparation is taught by our Phlebotomy faculty over four live, online sessions on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, from 6pm-10pm. You must attend all four sessions.

When enrolling in the Phlebotomy Program, the Preparation course will automatically be added to your cart. In the event that you have already taken the course or do not plan to, it may be removed from your cart. If you would like to take the Phlebotomy Prep as a stand-alone course, you may enroll on this page.

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